Foam Roller Techniques

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Rolling is a highly effective, proven method for releasing muscles for people of all skill and fitness levels. In 190 videos Dr. Emmons shows you the most effective way to use your roller.

The Foam Roller Techniques app has 190 videos over 55 muscle groups covering the neck, back, hips, legs, feet, shoulders, chest, arms, and hands. The videos are all in the app for fast viewing offline.

But why not just use free rolling videos on YouTube?

  1. Our videos teach and use the proven Roll Release® system.
  2. We show different intensity levels so you can chose what is most effective for you.
  3. Our videos are to the point with no time wasted on "hello my name is..."
  4. Our library is comprehensive and organized. Don’t waste time searching and guessing.


As a fitness instructor who doesn’t use foam rollers enough to know all the possibilities by heart, I found the Roll Release Techniques App super handy. For a fitness enthusiast at home who wants to get some quick myofascial release, it’s also super because there’s no need to know the names or function of any muscles; you can just tap the picture of the muscle you want to work.

Fun and Fit

The videos are really high quality and each muscle group has a nice explanation informing you what to roll and how to do the rolling.

YYC Apps

I’ve enjoyed trying different exercises and using the foam roller on different regions–like my shins. Another benefit of the app is that it is motivating me to use my foam roller more frequently and more effectively.

Running With Perseverance

thank you for re-invigorating my love of foam rolling!


Love your #foamrollerapp! Using it tonight. :)


Everyone check out @rollrelease, useful for anyone wanting to increase performance, flexibility, strength and prevent injury


Thanks so much for making an awesome app! :)


Love the app :)


You must realize that you are an athlete in your own right; you want to perform your best with hopes of the greatest outcome. You strive to perform better in the activities of your everyday life, you pride yourself in your physical accomplishments, and you attempt to do these without injury. When placing work on the body, it can break down and injury may occur. A strategy to dealing with these injuries is imperative. The goal of the Release Revolution® and this app is to educate and empower you, the athlete, to make better decisions to optimize your physical state, ability and capability while keeping the associated risk at a minimum. The hope is to enlighten you on the tremendous benefits of myofascial release.

Dr. Ryan Emmons,BAKin, DC

After working with these exercises and with Dr. Emmons for just over a year, I was able to achieve peak performance and had my top finish ever at the World Championships‐second place, one spot away from the world title. I can't wait to see what another year of training will produce! I highly recommend Roll Release® techniques to anyone serious about meeting and exceeding their own expectations as an athlete and looking to achieve their personal best.

Lisa 'Longball' Vlooswyk, Reigning Eight-Time Canadian Long Drive Golf Champion, Runner-up 2009 World Long Drive Championships, Canadian Tour Player

Need a Foam Roller? We recommend the Travel Roller.